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Eugenie Devane Bio, Age, Net Worth, Photos, Husband

Eugenie Devane photo


Eugenie Devane Bio, Age, Net Worth, Photos, Husband

Eugenie Devane Biography

Eugenie Devane (born May 1940 in Belle Grande, Florida) is best known as the wife of William Devane.

William Devane is an American actor known for Carter in Payback, Eugene Davis in Space Cowboys, Janeway in Marathon Man, Gregory Summer in Knots Landing, and more.

However, he has also served as a director, screenwriter, and soundtrack for many series and films. The famous wife is also known as Marry E. Devane.

Eugenie Devane Profile Overview

Name: Eugenie Devane

Place of birth: Belle Grande, Florida

Date of birth: 2 May 1940

Nationality: American

Spouse: William Devane

Children: Joseph Devane

Eugenie Personal Life

Eugenie Devane has been married to William Devane since 1961. They have two sons. Joshua Devane was one of them, but Bill Devane, the eldest son, died in a tragic accident.

Joshua Devane, who is still alive, was also an actor. He is known for the following films; New Adventures of Superman, Young Gray Summer, Young Detective Timecop, and more.

Eugenie Devane  Age

Eugenie Devane was born in the early 40s She is 81 years old.

Eugenie Devane’s Net Worth

Eugenie Devane currently has no Net worth. Her husband’s estimated Net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Eugenie Devane Social Media

Eugenie Devane is not active on any social media platforms.

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