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World List Of Music Record Labels

Music Definition


World List Of Music Record Labels

Top world List Of Music Record Labels

A music record label is a medium for marketing and publishing musical recordings and videos.

However, they also scout for talented musicians and Singing contracts with the individual. Some of the major functions of a label include manufacturing, Distribution, marketing, promoting, and Enforcing.

Artist Signed to a Record Label must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Label to avoid contract bridge.

Problem Faced by Record Label

The influence of the internet has changed the music industry. Musical artists promote their music through social media, Tik Tok, YouTube Instagram, and other music outreach.

Label Category

Record Labels may be a big international group or independent. Some may be small and localized.

The independent Labels are mostly called the major a multinational corporation they Gain over 5% of the sale of music videos or records. The following includes the Major Label:

1929 September: Sony Music Entertainment

1931: EMI Group Limited

1934 September: Universal Music Publishing Group

1958 April: Warner Music Group

1962: PolyGram N.V.

1987: Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG)

Top 4 Record Labels Groups

Sony Music Entertainment

Universal Music Publishing Group

Warner Music Group



Top List Of Music Labels

Island Records

Columbia Records

ABC-Paramount Records

Virgin Records

Red Hill Records

Atlantic Records

RCA Records

Def Jam Recordings

A&M Records



Republic Records

Asylum Record


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