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Mexico Is Listed As One Of The Most Sugar Daddies Country In The World


Mexico Is Listed As One Of The Most Sugar Daddies Country In The World

What is Sugar Dating?

Sugar dating, also known as sugaring, is a relationship between an older wealthy person and a younger person in need of financial support or for mutual benefit.

Sugar dating has become so popular that individuals use it as a scamming technique to exploit the interests of lovers.

Top 8 Sugar Dating Countries

United States of America (USA)

United Kingdom (UK)







Mexico is listed as one of the most sugar daddy countries in the world

supposedly there are a lot of Mexican women who would love to have a much older boyfriend who gives them gifts and pays for them. And there is also a man interested in this profile, that “Sugar Daddy”, giving these gifts to his young girlfriend or “Sugar baby”.

It has become a normal thing for society to see couples with a significant age difference, either they are very old, or very young.

Top 11 sites for Sugar Dating

Sugar Daddy meet

Seeking arrangement

Secret Benefits

Our Secret

What’s your price

Sugar Search

Established men

Age match

Sugar book


Having a Sugar Daddy” a Normal Thing?

Yes having a Sugar Daddy is normal. But sugar dating can involve cases with sexual assault, harassment and manipulation. Sugar Dating is not safe and it is exploitive.

Things you should not do as a Sugar baby

Don’t fall in love

Don’t think that everyone will understand you

Less expectation

Don’t ask for more attention

Set your boundaries

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