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Tracy Aziz Net Worth, Biography, Age, Wikipedia, Height

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Tracy Aziz Net Worth, Biography, Age, Wikipedia, Height

Tracy Aziz Biography

Tracy Aziz is a talented and hard-working actress born in Canada she is an on-set writing coach that teaches writing and acting, she also make french berets for dogs.

She is married to actor Mark Pellegrino with two children Tess Aziz and Misha Aziz. She is popularly known for the movies Strangers in a Strange Land and The Last Train.

Tracy Aziz Profile Summary

Full name: Tracy Aziz

Family: (Husband) Mark Pellegrino

(Children) Tess Aziz, Misha Aziz

Facebook: @ tracy.aziz

Height: She is 5 feet 5 inches.

Ethnicity: White

Profession: Actress

Net Worth: $3 million

Marital status: Married

Instagram: @tracypellegrino

Pet: Dogs

Movies: Strangers in a Strange Land and The Last Train.

Marital status

Married to Mark Pellegrino on Married (October 30, 2008)

Mark and Tracy Pellegrino pics

Life History

Tracy got married to her husband, Mark Pellegrino an American actor on October 2008.

Tracy Aziz is now Tracy Pellegrino and they are happily married and blessed with two children.

Her husband is best known for his work as Lucifer in supernatural Paul Bennett in Dexter, Jacob in Lost, Bishop in Being Human and Lucifer in Supernatural.

Tracy pellegrino owns a playhouse Paris school, which marks Pellegrino teaches when ever he is available.

Tracy love posting pictures of her dogs on Instagram wearing beret’s.

Aziz pellegrino won an award on a military short film Lost in Time. Also, in August 2016 she was also congratulated by Mattie Daisy for the best nominations of Director for the movie The last train.

Tracy Aziz pellegrino Age

Her age will be available soon

Tracy Aziz Net Worth

Tracy Aziz Net worth is Estimated to be $3 million

Tracy Aziz pellegrino Instagram

Tracy aziz has over 2,137k followers on Instagram. You can visit her IG for photos and more updates.


Tracy Aziz Husband pellegrino

Tracy Aziz got married to the love of her life actor Mark pellegrino in the year 2008.
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