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Brendan Fraser Age, Height, Net Worth, Bio, Movies, Wife

mummy brendan fraser


Brendan Fraser Age, Height, Net Worth, Bio, Movies, Wife

Brendan Fraser Biography

Brendan James Fraser is an American-Canadian Actor, He was born in Indianapolis to journalist Peter Fraser and a sales counselor Carol Mary on 3 December 1968.

Fraser is Famously known for his leading roles in his comedy movies, and dramatic films. He Became noticeable for his role as Rick O’Connell in The Mummy and George of the jungle.

Brendan Fraser Profile Overview

Name: Brendan James Fraser

Date of birth: December 3, 1968

Place of birth: Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.

Nationality: American-Canadian

Education: Upper Canada College, Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts in 1990

Occupation: Actor

Years active: 1988–present

Parents: Carol Mary (Genereux), Peter Fraser

Brothers: Kevin Fraser, Regan Fraser, and Sean Fraser

Spouse: Afton Smith ​(m. 1998; div. 2007)

Children: Griffin Arthur, Leland Francis, Holden Fletcher


9 wins & 12 nominations.

Height: 6’ 2½” (1.89 m)


Net Worth: $20 million

Brendan Fraser Early Life And Career

Brendan James Fraser was born in America to a Canadian Family. James Fraser is of Irish, Scottish, Czech, German and Franco-Canadian descent.

James Fraser attended Upper Canada College, a private boarding school in Toronto. While on vacation in London, he attended his first professional theater show at West His End, which sparked his interest in acting.

He graduated from Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts in his 1990 He began his acting career at a small theater college in New York City.

Fraser had planned to study at Southern Methodist University for his master’s degree in acting, but stopped in Hollywood en route and decided to stay there to work in films.


Brendan was able to claim close relationships with Ottawa, Indianapolis, Detroit, Seattle, London, and Rome because he was frequently moving with his parents.

Brendan’s early exposure to the stage, especially in London Uk, brought him to the Cornish Institute in Seattle. After graduating, he had a small role as Sailor no 1 in River Phoenix’s Dogfight (1991), followed by larger roles in Encino Man (1992) and School Ties (1992).

Fraser shows the hobby of playing “fish out of water” men. Five more years of supporting work eventually led to the lead role in George of the Jungle (1997), a role that took full advantage of his charisma and burly appearance, while also allowing him to express himself.

His comedic talent. He describes this role as completely changing his career. Critical acclaim for her performance in Gods and Monsters (1998) highlighted another side of her dramatic personality.

Brendan Fraser Wife/ Relationship

on July 4, 1993, After arriving in Los Angeles, Fraser met actress Afton Smith while attending a barbecue at Winona Ryder’s house.

They married on September 27, 1998, and have three sons: Griffin Arthur Fraser (born 2002), Holden Fletcher Fraser (born 2004), and Leland Francis Fraser (born 2006). After selling their Beverly Hills, California home in April 2007 for $3 million,  Fraser’s journalist announced in December 2007 that the couple had decided to divorce.

Fraser was ordered to pay $50,000 in monthly child support for 10 years or until Afton remarried, whichever comes first, in addition to the $25,000 monthly payment for child support, ending January 2019.

In early 2013, Fraser asked the court to reduce his alimony and child support payments, claiming that he could not meet the annual $900,000 obligation; Smith accused Fraser of concealing financial assets. As of February 2018, Fraser lives in Bedford, New York.

Brendan Fraser Awards And Nominations

2022: TIFF Tribute Awards

2006: Broadcast Film Critics Association

2001: Teen Choice Award

2000: Blockbuster Entertainment Award

1997: Seattle International Film Festival Award

Brendan Fraser Television Series

2020: Professionals

2019–2022: Doom Patrol

2018: Titans, Trust

2017: Nightcap

2015:Texas Rising

2009: Wishology

2002, 2004:Scrubs

2000, 2005: King of the Hill

1998:The Simpsons


1995: Fallen Angels

1991:Guilty Until Proven Innocent, My Old School

Brendan Fraser Movies

2022 :Batgirl, The Whale

2021: No Sudden Move

2020: The Secret of Karma

2019: Line of Descent

2014: The Nut Job

2013: Pawn Shop Chronicles, Breakout, Escape from planet earth

2012: Stand Off

2010: Furry Vengeance

2009: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

2008: Inkheart, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Journey to the Center of the Earth

2007: The Air I Breathe

2006: Journey to the End of the Night

2004: Crash

2003: Looney Tunes: Back in Action

2002: The Quiet American

2001: The Mummy Returns

2000: Bedazzled

1999: The Mummy, the blast from the past,

1998: Still Breathing

1997: George of the Jungle

1996: Glory Daze, brain Candy

1995: The Passion of Darkly

1994: In the Army Now, with Honors

1993: Son in Law, twenty bucks

1991: Dogfight

Brendan Fraser’s Net Worth

Brendan Fraser’s Net worth is estimated to be over $20 million.

Brendan Fraser Age

Brendan Fraser was born in the late 60s he is 54 years old as of December 2022.

Brendan Fraser Height

Brendan Fraser stands at a height of  6’ 2½” (1.89 m/189cm).

Brendan Fraser Instagram

Brendan Fraser doesn’t have an Instagram account. But fans have been creating multiple accounts on Instagram claiming to be Brendan Fraser.

Brendan Fraser reveals his physical transformation in China

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fraser said, “He went on to explain that Charlie has hundreds of pounds of extra pounds.

Fraser detailed what it was like to physically transform into a 600-pound Charlie while filming Whales. Talked. Secondly, both Charlie’s looks and personality make him feel physically unwell on screen. , detailing what it took to create Charlie, “To do that, I had to start with the outfit, gear, and makeup. Scan, 3D render, and print without casting. Then a more traditional application. Actors get up early and we all drink a lot.

I watch videos on YouTube while drinking coffee. He returned to Hollywood after all his troubles, from an ugly divorce to the trauma he endured both physically and sexually. Fraser was an A-listed actor in his 1990s and his 2000s, largely due to his success in family adventures like The Mummy.

Fraser disappeared from the scene in the early 2010s, but is now back in acting. Since Fraser attempted to return home, the internet has shown its support, which he greatly appreciates. Increase.

There were rumors that “The Whale” was Fraser’s crowning acting achievement, but that could either return him to where he once was or make him even better than he was before. When he was a highly paid actor, Fraser mostly acted in children’s films. He appeared in a few dramas early in his career, such as ‘School Ties’ and ‘With Honors,’ but when the ‘Mummy’ franchise promoted him to the lead role, Fraser starred in many dramas afterward. Didn’t, or at least didn’t appear.

He has a lot of popularity. Crash is an exception, but his role in this film was very small. If Fraser is as good as people who’ve seen him in Whale say, it could propel him into a whole new stratosphere as an actor. Fraser’s comeback attempt is one of 2022’s most touching stories. Approach him.

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